September 2008

Super Cute Kawaii!

Super Cute Kawaii! - Handmade cuteness and Japanese kawaii

Not enough kawaii in your life? Super Cute Kawaii to the rescue!
This fabulous new site has been launched by Marceline from Asking For Trouble and Claire from Miso Funky who have scoured every last corner of the ‘net to find the best cute stuff available, so you don’t have to! Go now to marvel at Fat Fugu, coo over cute fabric, blub over the Robot Lovers and worship at the feet of Angel Bunny.
WARNING! This site may be hazardous to your purse!

Buy my jellies

Buy my jellies

Isaac, Abigail, Delilah and Malachi are now available to buy at my Etsy shop – woo!
Take one of my adorable jellies home with you for the piffling sum of $14 (around 8 quid) and enjoy a lifetime of jelly fun!