This is my first contribution to one of Claire’s ‘Day In The Life’ projects for 1st Feb 2010, pity its rather dull but its a typical Monday for me.

06:45 My first alarm sounds.

07:00 My second alarm sounds.

07:05 The snooze alarm sounds and I finally drag myself out of bed.

07:20 Washed & dressed, I look out of the kitchen window to see a fox saunter past and disappear through a gap in the back fence. Seeing a fox always seems magical.

07:40 Breakfast of tea and toast over, kiss goodbye to the boyfriend and leave the house with my bag and super-heavy folder as Mondays are the day I attend my college course. There’s a light dusting of snow, as if thousands of those tiny polystyrene balls have been spilled everywhere.

07:50 Bus comes. Get a seat on the top deck, left hand side and listen to my iPod. The glorious music of Sufjan Stevens never fails to wrap me in a bubble of joy in which I’m impervious to the sounds, smells & elbows of others. Essential for any travelling in London.

08:35 Get off at Angel Station. I could get off at the next stop right outside college but then would miss out on my beloved Metro without which I couldn’t function properly.

08:40 Metro in hand, walk round to college and down to the canteen to greet my friends Vic and Katherine. Have a good old moan about our respective workplaces. Georgie turns up and muses whether the chocolate tiffin she bought counts as one of her 5 a day since it contains raisins, cherries and coconut.

08:55 Our first class of the day is on the 8th floor so drag ourselves up countless flights of stairs until we reach the top, puffing & panting with aching thighs and begging for oxygen.

10:00 Pete turns up late as he has man-flu. Gets teased mercilessly as he is the Token Boy of our group. The lectures can sometimes be rather tedious but our group all get on well and we always have a laugh.

11:55 Go to the Animal Room on the 2nd Floor to talk to Ben & Matt about doing some volunteer work on my days off.

12:15 Sit in the canteen. Usually go out to the supermarket with the others to pick something up but brought a packed lunch this week. Has turned into a gorgeous sunny day.

12:30 The gang are back from the shop with doughnuts – yay! Good letter in the Metro pointing out that the woman banned from wearing her pyjamas to Tesco found time to put her huge earrings on so why not some clothes? Zackly!

13:00 More lectures & exercises. Keep sane with Vic’s stories about her cats, Georgie’s sick jokes and frequent injections of sugar.

17:15 Evening lab. We’ve never understood why they have lab last thing cos we’re all knackered & just want to go home. Zip through the experiment as fast as possible which is probably why it doesn’t work properly.

18:00 Escape from college at last and walk my friends to Angel Station. Cross the road to the bus stop.

18:30 Bus finally comes and takes an extremely long & tortuous route home. It is packed and have to sit at the back so take out my book to avoid looking at the guy opposite. Switch to iPod when start feeling travel sick.

19:15 Get home. No post for me – booo!

19:30 The boyfriend comes home and we exchange news of our day. Start making the tea. Too tired to cook so just bung a pizza in the oven.

20:00 Eat our pizza. The boyfriend mentions he saw some kind of altercation on his bus ride home where a knife was pulled. Good old London!

20:25 Finish tea and check my emails and feeds. Today’s ‘Daily Kitten’ is so adorable.

21:10 The boyfriend comes in to use the computer and show me the books he bought. He also got me a copy of ‘The Moonstone’ by Wilkie Collins.

21:12 Sit in the kitchen with a cup of tea, biccie & hot water bottle playing ‘Professor Layton & Pandora’s Box’ on my DS.

21:20 The boyfriend calls me through to look at the picture gallery for Leyton Orient’s 2-2 draw against Carlisle.

21:30 Back to playing Professor Layton. Amused by the mini-game where you have to exercise a portly hamster – mine’s called Rupert.

21:50 Start getting my stuff organised for tomorrow and get ready for bed.

22:10 In bed with a book – ‘Brooklyn Follies’ by Paul Auster.

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