Hi – welcome to jiji~punch! My name is Nicolette and I’m from Scotland but have been living in London since 2005. I work at an opticians and make things in my spare time.

I started crafting a few years ago when I took up knitting as a hobby. I soon had too many items to use myself so started sending them to my sister, Marcy, to sell on her stall at craft fairs. Then, while on holiday in Amsterdam, I bought a kit on how to make origami Japanese girls which appealed to my love of all things Japanese. These cards then lead to my own Japanese girl character, Etsuko, who appears on cards and as an adorable finger puppet. I have now discovered the joys of making stuffed toys with felt and hope to have a new range available to buy soon.

As Marcy’s own crafts are taking off, and I now have broadband, I am managing this blog myself and attempting to start selling on Etsy. I can’t thank Marcy enough for all her help getting me started but you can thank her for me by going to Asking For Trouble and buying her badges, notebooks, bookmarks, keyrings and other wonderful items!

I am interested in getting involved in craft events in London so if you know of anything please let me know! Email me at jijipunch@yahoo.com



p.s. Please don’t use any of my photos without permission – it’s not cool!


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