I’ve missed a few ‘Day in the Life’s so tried to make an effort to join in this time. Unfortunately it was rather a dull day, as you will see…

Woken at 8am by a text from a friend – one of the drawbacks of using my iPhone as an alarm clock. I’m not working today so spend an hour in bed checking my social networking sites on the internet. I do love my iPhone but its such a terrible time waster! Excited to see photos and reviews of Sufjan Stevens‘ live score performance last night in Brooklyn. Wish for the millionth time that I lived in NY so I could go to these events.

Finally get up & dressed. Have some breakfast and write out a shopping list. Need to do some food shopping and as I’m still in need of a winter coat, I decide to go to the Asda as there’s a TK Maxx near there.

Walk to the supermarket for exercise and to register the steps on my Pokewalker (Pokemon-themed pedometer). Listen to my newest music crush, Brite Futures, to make the walk less tedious.

Fail to find a suitable winter coat in TK Maxx or Next. I have very stringent guidelines for a winter coat:
1. Must have a hood.
2. Duffle coats are good but they should have a zip to prevent draughts.
3. Must have pockets.
4. Not black. Grey is okay but preferably a bright colour.
This may take a while…

Do the food shopping and get the bus back home for some lunch. My chinchillas, Maple & Truffles, need to have their cage cleaned out so I let them have a run about in the front room while I get on with this fun chore :/ Hear Maple squeaking from under the armchair. I can’t get her out so have to move the cage to reach her. Finish cleaning the cage and realise I can’t see Truffles. Search under & behind various items of furniture then see her under the damn armchair! Have to move the cage again to get the little pest out.

After all that excitement, I head out to Islington to go see ‘The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn’ at the cinema. My sister, Marceline, had already been to see it and hadn’t been that impressed but said I should go see it anyway. Maybe seeing it in 3D would help?

Buy my ticket from one of those automatic ticket machines then continue the search for a coat while I wait for the film to start. Still no luck with that but do buy a lovely blue jumper in Gap. Check out the Christmas Town range in Paperchase – its so cute!

Have an early tea in Wagamamas and had a bizarre moment when I went to pay and found someone had drawn a speech bubble on my £10 note!

Mint sauce dodger me


Not entirely sure what that means :/

Got popcorn before going in to the film. Bit apprehensive about the 3D glasses as I have to balance them in front of my own glasses but it seems to work alright. Does get a bit uncomfortable after a while though. Eat most of my popcorn before the film starts then feel a bit ill. This is the usual scenario when I get popcorn at the cinema.

I’m impressed with how all the characters look in the film but very annoyed at all the changes to the book. The original story is much more exciting and I don’t feel the 3D really adds much. The bits of the film which followed the story were fantastic – such a shame there weren’t many of them. Just hope the next Tintin films are less disappointing.

Catch the 56 bus home to bed.

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